Friday, June 10, 2016

GADE in India

GADE in india

GADE has grown out of the shell from a group of enthusiasts to a wider community around the world with online members who creates, shares and appreciates art and culture.

Our symposiums and online workshops conducted by members voluntarily make the organisation a great success. We are planning to conduct live workshops in Indian cities.

GADE has started working in Indian schools to provide art education to elementary classes. This affiliation to schools will prove as a valuable key-ring in seeding art in young minds.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Global arts - an overview

GADECGH - An overview of global arts.

What does Global Arts Centre Do?
GADE CGH connects and shares art around the world through online and offline communities. We help the world to be in love with each other and maintain and share love and peace by sharing, creating and appreciating art and culture.

How to join?
You can join or create a local group by joining with existing or finding new art lovers and artists. You need not have any previous experiences to be a member. All you need to do is fill the Membership Application From from this link

Conducting and Being Part of meetings.
Our community has grown out of a club group to a huge online community that interacts
  • Online 
Through Online meetings, chat sessions, webinars etc.
  • Offline
Offline meetings and events, voluntary local meetings and classes.

New  Local Teams
You can conduct offline meetings on your local groups at your local timings after each of the member signs up and gets a Team ID.